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Mohamed Moselhy

Software Engineer

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Fascinated by nature, I strive to create. I am a software developer aiming to produce clean and beneficial solutions. I like to work on web, mobile, and native applications.

I stay updated with technology news by looking for new inventions, listening to tech gurus, or attending conferences.
My hobbies include swimming, fishing, hiking, soccer, and stock trading.

I recently started looking for new job opportunities, so please feel free to reach out to me if you see a suitable opening.

Latest Projects

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Research on a Human Antioxidant Regulator 🤔

Exploring the Conformational Landscape of the Neh4 and Neh5 Domains of Nrf2 Using Two Different Force Fields and Circular Dichroism

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BookWorm - Find Best Buying Universities for Textbooks 🐛

Enter ISBN of a book you would like to sell and instantly get information for the top-paying institutions that would like to buy it.

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UWO Proxy - One-Click Research Unlocker 🧭

This is an extension for Google Chrome that allows anyone with Western University credentials to click it one time and unlock full access to articles to which Western Libraries is a stakeholder.

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Other Projects

Slicer Sequence Registration Free

4D medical image registration tool. Built for use on 3DSlicer.

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Preceptor Education Program Free

This program is designed to educate newly qualified nurses on etiquette, protocols, and laws to help them transition into the workforce through preceptorships. I helped in the development of modules for this program.

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Work Experience

Staff Software Engineer - Okta – Remote

(2023 - present)

  • Led the front-end development of Realms early access, as part of the Universal Directory team
  • Created new components of Okta’s new React component library, Odyssey
  • Modernized front-end tech stack of admin UI to React + Vite, whilst insuring a seamless transition
  • Significantly reduced directory management operation times through introducing asynchronous batch processing
  • Improved code coverage of unit tests, and wrote integration tests to eliminate regressions in critical user flows
  • Boosted developer productivity and onboarding by writing documentation for bootstrapping development tools and environments, and reduced complexity and processing times of build pipelines
  • Tech used: TypeScript, Node.js, React, React Query, Vite, Lerna, Backbone.js, Selenium, Java Spring Boot, Tomcat, Docker, MySQL, Splunk, Bash, Figma, JIRA

Senior Software Engineer - Mission Lane – Remote

(2022 - 2023)

  • Led front-end development of new products with a focus on assessing product market fit and profitability
  • Core part of debit card development team of 8, with over 100,000 daily active users
  • Managed all stages of release cycle, including beta testing and (App/Play) Store submissions
  • Led joint architecture discussions and new epics/major features of products
  • Handled 24/7 on-call rotations through PagerDuty, Elasticsearch, Logstack, and Kibana
  • Created new models and services and integrated to app with Flyway SQL migrations and Knex ORM
  • Constructed cronjobs and backfill jobs to run against massive database without any production downtime
  • Developed REST API endpoints, unit tests, and integration tests in a distributed cluster of web services
  • Tech used: TypeScript, Node.js, React, React Native, Jest, RabbitMQ, GitHub Actions, Argo CD, Nx, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Flyway, Knex, PagerDuty, JIRA, ELK, GCP

Senior Software Engineer - Elemy – Remote

(2022 - 2022)

  • Created and managed integrations across multiple third-party services
  • Delivered full-stack app for version controlling and promoting integration flows using git internals
  • Created advanced SSIS workflows for ETL from crude data sources into SQL server
  • Onboarded new engineers and tracked their progress
  • Tech used: Celigo, Python, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Salesforce, Trello, SSIS, MWAA, AWS

Technical Consultant - IBM Consulting – Toronto, Canada

(2021 - 2022)

  • Led front-end development for IBM’s first Adobe Commerce solution in NA for a Fortune 500 client
  • Moderated coding assessment and interviewed incoming Associate Developers
  • Tech used: Adobe Magento, AEM, Node.js, HTML/CSS/JS, Python, SQL, PHP, Docker

Lead Developer - Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research – York University

(2020 - Present)

  • Created API for processing data across infrastructure consisting of multiple servers
  • Designed responsive website as the landing page for the tool
  • Implemented security layers to protect infrastructure from unauthorized requests
  • Implemented automatic updating and testing of code and databases across separate environments
  • Created pipelines for deployment of cloud infrastructure consisting of web tools and data analysis modules
  • Tech used: Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, MongoDB, TensorFlow, Octave, React, tRPC

Teaching Assistant - Department of Computer Science – Western University

(2019 - 2022)

  • Instructed and supervised 210 students in course SCIENCE 3377B – Project Management
  • Instructed and supervised 240 students in course COMPSCI 3305A – Operating Systems
  • Held weekly office hours to assist students in course material and assignments
  • Marked exams and assignments and used software similarity detection to identify cheaters
  • Proctored exams with setup and sorting duties as per the university policy
  • Tech used: Moss, C, Python

Software Intern - GenScale – Inria, Rennes, France


  • Modularized novel variant calling solution using a processing-in-memory-centric architecture, as opposed to conventional host-centric solutions
    • Reduced processing time 60-fold
    • Reduced power consumption 13-fold
  • Increased accuracy of solution from 62% to 92% while maintaining speed and power efficiency
  • Tech used: UPMEM, C

Software Developer - Grahn Lab - Brain and Mind Institute


  • Statistical analysis for research studies about the effects of music on the brain
  • Created various stimuli for a diversity of studies
  • Maintained lab computers’ software and hardware for participant testing in research studies
  • Web development of lab website to create event pages and update information
  • Tech used: MATLAB, E-Prime, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, WordPress

Research Assistant - Department of Medical Biophysics – Western University


  • Collaborated with professors and graduates to submit proposal for research grants
  • Significantly reduced time and effort required to extract statistical data from 4D image datasets
  • Collaborated with software developers and researchers to create a 4D image registration program
  • Tech used: C++, Python, 3D Slicer, Bash

Web App Developer - Department of Geography – Western University


  • One of twenty finalists in international competition
  • Set weekly goals and arranged meetings for group
  • Designed user-friendly web application to analyze time series images using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Successfully published app on the market
  • Tech used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Hexagon Geospatial API

Mobile Developer - Department of Physical Therapy – Western University


  • Created Android mobile application to generate clinical decisions for physical therapists
  • Tech used: Xamarin, C#

Website Developer - Department of Nursing – Western University


  • Maintained introductory learning modules for the Preceptor Education Program for nursing students entering preceptorships (
  • Tech used: HTML/jQuery

Founder and Computer Technician - FixMyPCNow™


  • Managed website for marketing and serviced customers’ computers
  • Expanded from local building to Greater Toronto Area with the help of customers
  • Tech used: HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript/SQL
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